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Profit Maximizer™ 1:1 Coaching & Consulting Hybrid Program

2 years ago, I was maxed out, overwhelmed, and underpaid. I knew I wanted to grow my business into an agency model, but had dug myself into a hole so deep, I couldn't see the path out. I was making 6-figures, but thought the only way I could continue to grow was to work myself to the bone.

Today, I run a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency with a team of 12 . . .  working fewer hours and making more money than that old me could ever dream of.

Both myself and my clients have gone through the same realization - "Scaling" does not mean making more money. It DOES mean creating more freedom in our lives. 

Today, I want to personally invite you into my transformative 1:1 mentorship container. This three month program is the highest level you can work with me and get full and total access to not only mentorship, but my backing as someone who has been there and done that.

What you'll get:

  • Unlimited 24/7 Voxer and Slack Support
  • Unique onboarding and goal setting sessions for your individual business and needs
  • Three 60 minute Zoom or Phone Call (your choice) per month
  • Unlimited story-telling, cheerleading, and a shoulder to cry on
  • Access to all of Alexandrea's programs (for the lifetime of your mentorship)

This program is unlike what you have ever been in before. You will calibrate and experience growth like you've never seen or imagined, and this is your personal invitation to stop saying "maybe", and start saying "yes".


Who is this program for?

My 1:1 mentorship is for any high-powered female entrepreneurs (service providers, bloggers, or product-based business owners) that are looking to break away from the hustle-focused entrepreneurship trap and into a place of true freedom & growth. My clients are looking at their business as a true business and ready to experience growth as they've never dreamed of as a result.

I've never worked with a mentor before, what should I expect?

No worries! I am biased and believe that every business owner needs a mentor, but I promise to make the transition painless. I've been in your shoes before and I will be your biggest cheerleader, as well as a shoulder through all the times. I can tell you this - the bonds that are built in these containers last a lifetime.

Can I pay in full for the three months?

Yes, you can click here to pay in full (and you'll save a little bit of cash)

PS. As the owner of a Marketing Agency, you also get access to our 90 Day Growth Accelerator as a Certified Digital Marketer Partner, if applicable to your business. In this program, I’ll be teaching you everything I know about creating and executing products, audits, funnels, concrete organic marketing plans, and creating a repeatable process that can carry over into other business streams or plans.

Don't just listen to me! Here's what our clients have to say: